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Passat company has long history of working in the Stainless steel market, and is recognized as one of the biggest supplier of stainless steel and heat-resistant metal in Russia.

Our Company is specializing in supply of flat sheets, bars, tubes and pipes made of corrosion -, hot -, heat - resistant and other special steels and alloys from the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Passat company is supplying metal products into machinery-producing industry, food, chemical and oil and gas industry, as well as to power production, metallurgy, and other industries. Besides metal sheets, coils, bars and tubes our company is supplying stainless steel and high impact metal fixtures of any complexity.

Also our company provides services of cutting sheets on test strip cutting, plasma and gas-oxigen cutting machines, cutting of bars on Grinding Cutting and Bandsaw Machines, cutting of coils into sheets, polishing and covering of sheets with PE film.

The advantages of Passat company are as follows:

- Wide range of advised assortment in names and sizes;
- Huge stock of available metal;
- High quality of supplied product;
- Providing of all necessary licenses and certificates of quality from manufacturing factories, certificates of compliances;
- Big variety of metalworking services;
- Customized approach to every client.

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